Painting is my passion. My mummy proudly narrate stories about my childhood drawings. I use to spoil all walls with any material coal, pencil, pen, color. Though I had to select some other profession, I kept on practicing on landscapes which is my favorite subject. I did charcoal painting, pencil work, oil painting and lot of things in craft. But, water color was the only medium where I feel comfortable. Since I am a learner, I have not created my own painting yet. What I did and still doing , is copying landscape photograph with water color medium.I can not refer this as ART as it’s not my own imagination. I am thankful to my  friend who suggested me to digitalized my paintings. I need lot of suggestions from you all regarding presentation and how I can do better in my paintings.
As my name suggests….manisha…..wish…..
Here is Collection of my incomplete wish


    1. Hi Asha , Nice meeting you,
      I use the same technique , as I do not have technical knowledge of painting.

      It’s really nice that you also do paintings. Oil painting requires lot of patience. Hope to see your paintings soon.

  1. Hi Manisha, many thanks for the follow. You’ve got a nice touch with the watercolour; it’s a very tricky media to handle, but that’s the fun! As it’s so much more portable than oil or acrylic I’d strongly recommend more outdoor sketching. Maybe start with line o build the structure, and then add a colour wash using your current skills. I think seeing them as ‘sketches’ and not finished works will help build confidence. Ed

    1. Thanks Ed. Even I realized that, I need to work on sketching. Currently practicing on sketches. These are few old paintings….However, beginner like me needs such wishes and proper guidance. Hope to get such tips from experts like you in future too.

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