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How small habit can change the India at large?

Aamir khan is known for his perfection. So when we see him in any advertisement, before looking at the ad , we start thinking what is the unique and distinguished point included in it. He is appearing in one ad where he speak about how we treat our guest. Guests – the one which visits our country, who want to know more about our ancient history and curious to know about it. And the way we treat them is not the right way. Just because few persons cheat, we create a bad impression about every Indians.

Same scenario is seen in case of cleanliness. When any foreign aeroplane lands in India, the first thing come into view is slum area. What is the use of having cleaned airports when we have already showed them, our cleaning vigilance?

Now since our Prime Minister has started the campaign “Swatch Bharat” everyone has started showing how cautious they are regarding “Swatch Bharat”. I really wonder how much serious these people are about sanitation and hygiene. Their intention is clearly visible when they pose in front of camera with broom. According to me, cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation are the basic things are the part of our schooling studies. Most of the school books even college books cover this issue. And still we don’t learn it. Why?

These are not just subjects that should be taught in school or college to cover the portion. These are not even subjects that can be theoretically taught and never checked how many are actually implementing it. We can’t even force anyone about it. This is a very crucial part of our life and every mother should take initiative to teach her kids. The way we say Charity begins at home….we can say hygiene and sanitation starts at home.

Kids always follow their parents. So when they see, when they observe their parents observe basic sanitation habits very strictly. The 6-7 month kid also has that grasping power to understand that his/her parents doesn’t like if they throw anything on the floor. They do it repeatedly as they enjoy it. But parents have to be very patient and make him understand that it’s a bad habit. Same way, when he learns to eat he throws the food stuff out of plate. But when he understands that this is a bad habit and my parents don’t like it, they learn to keep the food in their plate itself. Same way they learn that they should brush their teeth in the morning as well in the night. In short sanitation habits can only be taught at early age. If we try to mould them afterwards by giving lectures on hygiene, it is going to be difficult for us as well as for them to adopt it.

How good hygiene and sanitation can affect India at large!
Have you noticed why we need to carry the campaigns like “swatch Bharat”. It is very simple – because the people who are throwing litter do not have the habit of throwing it at the place where it should be thrown. In short people have bad habits to throw the litter anywhere except the dustbin. And it happens because their parents have never taken care to teach them it at proper place.

I heard by many that once they go out of India, they don’t wish to come back. The reason they give is – those countries are cleaner than India. My question to those people, why they do not carry the same habits here. The moment they enter India, they forget all those sanitation and hygiene habits at airport and start behaving carelessly. Don’t you think our small habit of hygiene can make a big difference?
This is my view about #Swachhindia initiative. What’s your view regarding this issue? You can participate in campaigns And even can express with the hashtag #swachhindia.

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