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There are always two different views on any topic. YES…or NO And as pre-marital sex itself is a topic of debate, then there are going to be a lot hullabaloo.

When I read the topic pre-marital sex  on Indiblogger , I just neglected it. It’s likesomething against my image. We are taught since our childhood, not to talk about many such subjects in open, not even with our parents and not even with our spouse.

Basically, for years we are following this rule. Now it has become a habit for us. Most of the time people look very strangely, when anyone utter a word about it. Some of us might say that it’s just against our Sanskar. No religion allows to speak about such subjects. When I was young, even I followed the same rule. I was not allowed to even hear anything related to sex. My parents were too orthodox. I was not allowed to see any film, forget about adult films. And that impact is still there, I refused to even think on topics like pre-Marital sex….. even now. I am married, I followed the rules that are followed for generations..but the point is ……being an adult why my mind still not responding to think about it. Why I cannot say to myself what I feel ?…. Whether it is right or wrong……What if I have to think from my point of view…. What if I have to think from my friend’s point of view and what if I have to think as a parent? Do I have different views at each level?

We eat when we feel hungry. We drink water when we are thirsty. We are very clear that these are our basic needs. Having a sex is also a physical and emotional need. I do agree with this as a third person. Then having a premarital sex is not at all bad, since it’s the basic need of any human being. However, this is activity where two persons are involved. And once, there are two people involved, we cannot say what is good and what is bad. It depends on the emotional needs of those two persons. Also depends on the nature of each individual. One cannot have premarital sex and then rush to have legal advice if he/she finds the other person has cheated him/her.

This happens in most of the rape cases. The emotionally weak person becomes a target for other person. And when that emotionally weak person finds that he has been cheated by other , seeks a legal advise. If you are strong enough to accept that the other person may cheat you, you will also have to face the society and family in case you are being cheated….if you are strong enough to face all those after effects…then the person can think about premarital sex.

However, being a true friend I would never suggest my friend to have a premarital sex. Being a parent , I would never like my kids will be involved in premarital sex, forget about safe or unsafe.I am writing this post as a part of indiblogger activity Poonaam Uppal’s True Love – A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart.

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