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Every Saturday you may find Mirchi-Limbu at every signal and corner of road. Every vehicle owner ties that to vehicle, in a belief that it will protect their vehicle. When I see this every Saturday, I really wonder does these helps from accidents? Taking care of ourselves and following road safety rules are not important?

Nissan Safety Driving Forum5In India, the major problem is we are not at all disciplined. I always found this situation at local trains and bus depots. If we follow some protocol then boarding on public vehicle becomes easier, it saves time and energy. However, we never pay attention to it and follow our own rules everywhere.

Lack of discipline is the major problem with almost all drivers. In case of car, people do not want to fasten the belt. The moment they see traffic police on the corner, they tie it and immediately after few distance, they free themselves from the belt. This happens because we are only cared about skipping from fines. Does the seat belts are meant for traffic police? Why don’t we understand it for our lives? It is good for the person who is driving, other persons in the car and also for pedestrians too.

I think road safety does not start when you are driving. Road safety starts with you and Your Life Is In Your Hands.

Nissan Safety Driving Forum3When I say road safety starts with us … it includes “me” too… I normally don’t drive. But, whether I am sitting on front seat or back seat, I never forget to use the seat belt. Why it is necessary? Few days back, I had seen one video where the person drives along with his wife to florist. That florist is nearby their home. So wife is not wearing the seat belt. The man gets down the car, saying he will collect the flowers in two minutes. The moment he gets down, one car dashes his car from back side. Since his wife is not wearing seat belt, she gets badly hurt. So, now we can understand how important it is to wear seat belts even if we not on long drive. One should always wear a seat belt, the moment we seat in the car.

The second important etiquette that every driver must follow is to never attend the cell phones while driving. Eating, listing music (to some extend), changing radio stations etc. distracts you. It’s not about just attending cell phone, it’s about texting too. So, we should always avoid the things which can distract us while driving. Every driver must learn to “Keep eyes on the ROAD and hands upon the WHEEL”

Nissan Safety Driving ForumAnd the third rule must follow rule by the driver, while driving and changing the lanes. Drivers take their own decisions while changing the lane and they just ignore the signals. Signals too are meant for our safety. If I am taking auto rickshaw then also I will ask him to follow the signals very strictly.

The change starts with me. However, we should be self-discipline. We should not wait till, someone will come and change our mindset regarding our own safety.

Nissan is trying to bring the needed change in the mindset of the masses regarding driving and road safety. And I am contributing my part to convey the same message to my readers by participating in Indiblogger activity Nissan’s Safety Driving Forum

You can also refer few books on the road safety here #NSDF #Nissan

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