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Great Granny

I really miss my grate granny. I was the most favorite grandchild of her. I am proud that she has blessed my son too.

GMy mom and dad is orthodoxy. Both of them were very strict towards what I wear, where I go, with whom should I speak and lot more. However, I was always protected by my great granny. She was so strong and of helping nature d that all of our relatives consult her in their difficulties. She was bit harsh speaking, but there should be someone in family like her.

Whenever, I go to meet her before going on vacation, she use to demand small things like Holi thread or photos of god/goddess. However, it was the last time she did not demanded anything. Infact, when I given her a sweater (blouse sweater, is specially made to wear with sari) to her, she refused to accept. She said, I do not need this, give this to someone needs it more. She was active till her last breath. She slipped in bedroom and that’s how we lost her. Then I realized why she refused to accept my gift. May be she has realized something and wanted to make me aware of it, but I was so fool.

We all miss her, she was the backbone of our family. May god fulfill all her wishes in heaven, same as she has fulfilled ours.


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